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Sonic Eye Massager


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Warm & High Frequency Vibration


Constant temperature of 104 Celsius Fahrenheit and the 160 times/second high-frequency vibration massage for 3 minutes smooths the eye skin, helps diminish dark circles, and is a rescue tool for all the night crowd.


EMS Micro Current


The micro current lifting and tightening feature gently helps the skin become firmer in combination with your favorite skin care product/cream.   



How to Use

1. Press + hold the button for about 2 seconds, the product is turned on, the LED starts lighting red, the massage head starts to have heat + vibrate.

2. Press the button again, the LED light will change to blue color, the massage head start to heat + vibrate + EMS micro current operation.

3. The device can be used together with skincare products to relieve eye fatigue + tighten the eye area skin. It is recommended to massage each part for 3 minutes.

4. Wipe the massage head with damp cloth or wet tissue after use, and then put on the protective case. 


1. This product is suitable for the eyes + face areas, CAN NOT be used while charging.

2. Use clean hands to apply skincare products to your face before using device. Do not dip the device into skincare products directly. Use damp cloth or a wet tissue to clean the device.

3. After using, cover device with protective case, put it in a dry + ventilated place, and do not place near fire or high temperature environment. 

4. This device can not used for children. Keep out of reach of children. 

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Sonic Eye Massager
Sonic Eye Massager
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